Prayer for help to Angelic Beings of Light
by Torkom Saraydarian

O shining brothers of Light,
O magnetic servers of Love,
O carriers of the mighty Will of the Most High,
here I present my heart to you
with the fire of my aspiration,
with the fire of my sincerity.
I call upon your help.

May your light enlighten me.
May your love heal me.
May the energy of the will you carry
create integrity, harmony, and wholeness
in all my being.

May I share your peace.
May I share your joy.
May I share your beauty.
May I share your freedom.

O shining brothers of Light,
if it is the Will of the Most High,
in the name of Christ
let my body be healed.

Let my mind find the solutions to problems.
Let my soul register the impressions of knowledge
you want to pass to me.
Let your energy flow into me,
O shining brothers of Light.

I will use your light,
your love,
your energy imparted to me
for the benefit of all humanity,
for the manifestation
of the Plan of Light and Love,
for the fulfillment of the Divine Will.

With thanks and in full faith


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