Daily Devotional Prayers to your God and Goddess
by Scott Cunningham

Morning Prayer
O Gracious Goddess,
O Gracious God,
Lend me health, strength and love
During this coming day.
Share your divine wisdom.
Teach me to respect all things.
Remind me that the greatest power of all is love.
Blessed Be.

Midday Prayer
O Goddess within;
O God within;
O Goddess of the Moon, the Waters and the Earth;
O God of the Forests and Mountains:
I need to feel Your presence.
I need to be reminded of You.
Assist me to remember Your lessons;
Show me the key that will unlock my spirituality.
Blessed Be.

A Prayer Before Sleep
O Gracious Goddess,
O Gracious God,
I now enter the realm of dreams.
Weave now, if You will, a web of protective light around me.
Guard both my sleeping form and my spirit.
Watch over me
Until the sun once again
Rules the Earth.
O Gracious Goddess,
O Gracious God,
Be with me through the night.