"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

You're welcome to serve humanity with us

Light Net is an action-oriented, practical serving group. We invite you to get off your feet now from that seat in your discussion group / fave reading chair / yoga mat, and stop dreaming; it will take thousands of years to transform yourself first (or reach "self-realization"). The world is fast changing and it doesn't have that much time to wait for you while it transitions into the new era. Nobody should be left behind. Serve humanity with us now (in our unit of service) or side-by-side with us (form your own), or join other groups who do the same that resonates with your world-view, and see yourself transforming as a mature Soul in the process.

We are part of a whole

In this time of great transition, most spiritual practices are geared toward the immediate evolutionary need of our planet. In metaphysical terms, it is the cosmic initiation of a Great Being that ensouls Earth that will usher a shift in the collective consciousness of the entire species, which will eventually make hour home into a sacred planet. All humans are nothing but cells in His Body. What is important right now is group or planetary evolution, and not our own petty personal "enlightenment". A person who is in too much haste for personal enlightenment might end up like becoming a malignant cell that multiplies so rapidly ahead of other cells that its existence can bring more harm than good to the entire body.

Is the Christian tradition obsolete?

The Christian world-view is often vilified in pop culture or in purely secular sectors of society as regressive, medieval, or obsolete. Is it? Not really. From our point of view, if one views the tradition purely from the lens of "churchianity" - its trappings, peripheral rituals, and the theatrical antics of some pastors or the sociopathic madness of some medieval church fathers- then we can find 1,001 reasons to detest it. However, if one views it, as we do, from the lens of the Four Gospels and other non-canonical sources, including the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, then one can find the vibrant and still relevant Truths which is far from being obsolete. Obsolescence pertains to something that is worn out or that is no longer working. Yes, the methodologies of "churchianity" may no longer be fashionable but the Christian message has never been tried or mastered yet on a global scale, in the entire history of humanity. How can it be considered worn out?

Its core message of unconditional Love, self-lessness, community-centredness and group consciousness ("...you are your brother's keeper"), its methodology of the mediatorship of Love ("...No one comes to the Father except through me"), and its goal of redemption and the spiritualization of matter ("May Thy Kingdom Come, May Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven...") are all pretty advanced forms of ethics in right human relations. In fact, these are the very same ideals of Aquarius (the term commonly used to describe the coming new era) but are intelligently applied on a collective and international scale, in contrast to individualism and the devotionalism of the old era. Aquarius cherishes freedom and mental independence, therefore, it should not be equated with global totalitarianism which we should all reject.

To revitalize the whole and transition the Christian tradition into the new era, its parts - individuals and small independent churches - should begin the change by adopting "update patches" (just like a software operating system). This can be done by being open to innovative ideas and methodologies for aligning with the Christ within (to transform our personal lives), as well as the Cosmic one (to transform/alchemize our civilization and "anchor Heaven on Earth"), apart from the traditional practices & doctrines taught by mainstream churches for ages. We should also open up to the possibility that other revelations (using other messengers) are being used by The Christ to update or remind humanity of His lost teachings 2,000 years ago. All this without compromising essential values presented in the Gospels. Historically, it would not require the entire 100% of Christendom to change; if only 5 to 30% will really work hard for change, there will be change.

Networked but autonomous

We strive to work in unison with the new group of world servers subjectively. And we are not affiliated with any authoritarian groups or churches.