"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

Current world crisis

The problem with leaving people behind due to age and their perceived economic non-utility is that there will come a time when the survivors will be faced again with another round of choices. After many were gone, who among the "expendable less valuable" humans left will be next? And what criteria will be up next time? Will it be based on the level of education? Amount of income taxes paid and purchasing power? Skin colour and genetics? Language spoken? Everything is possible when those who survived only value economic and material outcomes for the survival and future of our species.

If there is indeed a Universal intelligence guiding the evolution of life, then one can't help but think that the current world crisis is a divinely induced cathartic experience for humanity so that all glamours that are unfit for a dawning new era of synthesis will come out to the open so we can work on it as one human family. It is like we are in a transition period where people, public & private institutions (including religious ones and churches) are being unmasked for what values they really stand for.

Overzealous non-pharmaceutical interventions made, they say, will ruin the economy and will make more people die from economic dislocation. Some did it due to their ideological agenda, but we believe, many did it out of sincere altruistic motives to save lives given the circumstances of limited information about the disease during the early months of 2020. Or maybe, we are not getting the divine message behind the outer events? Indeed, economic dislocation and a poverty pandemic might occur if we insist on going back to our old normal ways of doing business, economics and finance. There will be inevitable losers and winners. Is it not ripe for the world to adopt a new framework, a new economics that will bring in self-lessness and the renunciation of materialism, the spirit of sharing and cooperation, and a commitment for each part to work for wholeness to avert a forthcoming world economic catastrophe that will further plunge humanity into hunger, strife, and misery?

The future of humanity and our world depends on what each one of us chooses to do today. It is our wish that just like the mythical phoenix, humanity can enter a new era of economic order based on the spiritual values of synthesis, wholeness, and international sharing so there will be enough for all human needs. And humanity's old self - the "old normal" institutions, structures, and systems based on selfishness and materialism- will fade way in the ashes, just like the phoenix being reborn and rising up from the ashes of its old self.

May we share an eloquently inspired essay that is decades old which foreshadowed our present world dilemma: The Fate of all peoples and nations is determined by the values which govern their decisions.

  • From the Earth Charter: A vision of hope
    But will anyone listen?
    Will this be framed again by involutionary forces as "taking away their rights and freedoms" just like the recent global health crisis?