"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

The Great Invocation (TGI) Music Video

A beautiful short musical version of The Great Invocation (Original version) which we linked from YouTube to get a glimpse of this world prayer for all of humanity. We thank and congratulate the Seven Ray Institute for this awesome work of art and for making this available for free sharing to friends and seekers.

The GI integrated and synthesized into one, the redemptive powers of The Lord's Prayer (on the physical plane through the removal of greed to make sustenance and basic needs - "our daily bread"- available to all of humanity) and St. Francis' Channel of Peace Prayer (on the emotional plane through the transformation of glamour into Beauty and Joy) given in past centuries. This most recent prayer assumed that humanity is more mature and mentally polarized, and thus the wordings are more precise and less sentimental in tone. It invoked "Light" for the redemption of the mental atmosphere from the illusion of separatism and from obsolete mental constructs of humanity. It also reiterated the keynotes of its predecessor that included the "deliverance from evil"/"sealing the door of evil", invoking the return of the Kingdom of God on Earth, as well as the importance of aligning human and Divine Will. And finally inviting back The Christ to humanity to lay down the foundation of the coming new era of synthesis.

We also invite you to read and view the very interesting articles and videos provided below to learn more of the nature, use, and significance of this Great Prayer for humanity.

Another interesting playlist of videos (less than an hour) about the nature and origin of The Great Invocation mantram.

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    But will anyone listen?
    Will this be framed again by involutionary forces as "taking away their rights and freedoms" just like the recent global health crisis?