"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

Triangles Work


Do you know that in spite of your hectic work-a-day schedules, you can still help bring about a better world for all for only 5 minutes each day?

This is done through a very esoteric yet simple service activity called the "Triangles". It works by forming a unit of 3 persons who intend to consciously radiate love and light to all of humanity and the planet as a form of planetary healing and as a service to The Christ. It also helps in transforming the mental and spiritual climate of the planet to that of truth, justice, sharing, cooperation and selflessness. However, this is not simply idle sentimental day dreaming or unstructured praying for peace. There is a science to it: it uses the power of thought, creative visualization, and the use of The Great Invocation in a systematic and structured fashion. The cooperation of 2 other persons are also needed in the formula: "For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them..."(The Christ)

"Tens of thousands of people around the world today share in this inner work. They come from different spiritual and religious backgrounds". There are no requirements to join or become a member of any religion, groups or organization.

As we practice it in our Light Net unit of service, the only requirements for participation are:

  • Will-ingness to serve humanity and The Christ behind the scenes
  • Commitment of at least 5 minutes each day to do the Work, in the privacy of your home or wherever you are (except while driving!)
  • Open mind to use The Great Invocation, and acceptance of the truths contained in it, at least as tentative working hypotheses
  • Ability to work and communicate with 2 other persons within your unit (either people you know or complete strangers from other countries) to (preferably) synchronise your "Triangles time" at least for the first week of practice. If doing it with strangers, emailing/inboxing will suffice
  • And more importantly, to mentally connect or link your Triangle unit to the other networks of light doing the Work worldwide.

How to participate in the Work and form a unit of 3 persons

  1. [This is the best option] If you have 2 like-minded friends who are interested in the work, you can invite them to form a Triangle of light unit with you. They can be living in the same city, or much better if they are from other cities or states/provinces/countries.
    • If you want to do it on your own (independently) and are not interested in registering your unit (for free) with Triangles or with us, just read all the instructions carefully on how to do the work using all the materials we provided/linked below. If you have further questions, we are willing to help you out (no fees) by contacting us via email. We want to assure you that you can do it effectively without affiliating with any organizations or groups.

    • If you want to receive a quarterly bulletin about the Triangles worldwide and many other literature, you may register with Triangles for free. Download their form and mail it back or send in an online form to them. (Note: Light Net is an independent group and not related to Triangles organizationally. We voluntarily cooperate with them and disseminate the Triangles work as part of our service activity and of our commitment to human betterment)

    • In addition, if our activities (Light Net) and framework resonates with you, you can also send us a note (Subject: "Add us in your triangles mailing list") so we can put you on our list for future activities and updates. We also offer online support for free, if you need help or advise in maintaining your triangle or unit of service.
    • .
  2. If you can't find 2 like-minded friends to join you, or you need 1 more to complete your triangle, we suggest that you submit a form to request forcontacts who are interested in forming a Triangles online @ the Triangles website. Then once you all agree, register it to the same site (see link in (1.)). In addition to that, it is up to you if you wish to join our (Light Net) mailing list or our other service activities. Just send us a note with the email subject: "Add us in your triangles mailing list".

  3. If after doing the Triangles work for some time, you are inspired to do more and wants to participate or be involved in other similar types of service activities, read more about our Full moon group meditation or consider joining our local unit of service or form your own, read Weaving the network of light

Expected outcomes and benefits

In this Work, there is absolutely no personal material benefit whatsoever that is to be expected in return. No fame, no glory, and you are completely anonymous. What matters most is the self-less goals and outcomes; any benefits are incidental by-products of continuous practice. Here are some of them:

  1. Triangles Work will create the conditions for the hastening of the reappearance of the Christ :
    • Through invocation and the disciplined use of the mind by groups (triangle networks), spiritual energies of love, light, and goodwill are magnified and realeased into humanity, dissipating glamours and illusions of separation and paving way for planetary healing

    • Through the use of Will and the creative visualization, triangles of light will "transect" the square etheric patterns (Earth's aura) into triangular patterns, hastening the disintegration of old forms and social systems, habits, and obsolete thought-patterns, making energy flow from higher sources greater and paving way for the construction and manifestation of new energy patterns for the coming new era of synthesis. This is made possible through the existence of the planetary etheric body (or subtler magnetic field / aura) that is shared by individuals and the planetary Being itself

    • As the triangle patterns dominate the square patterns and the light circulation intensifies, the planetary antakharana is built, thereby paving the way for the redemption of humanity (spiritualization of matter), the initiation of our Planetary Soul /Being, and the eventual externalization of The Christ and His staff - the spiritual Hierarchy.

      Actually, this is what many spiritual aspirants don't get. Spiritual and esoteric disciplines, at this present time, is not about us, personally. They are all geared towards the immediate evolutionary needs of our Planetary Soul - Earth. All humans are nothing but cells of His Body. What is important right now is group or planetary evolution (the Cosmic initiation of our Planet), and not our petty personal "enlightenment" and liberation (spiritual narcissism).
  2. As a side-benefit, doing the Triangles Work will also help in hastening the alignment of our personality to our personal Christ - the Soul:
    • By becoming the channel of spiritual energies, love, light and goodwill are also released into our life bringing healing to our relationships with others and also to the natural world.

    • Development of mental focus, creative visualization, and telepathic rapport with other people via the planet's etheric aura.

    • Through self-less service and constant invocation, we gradually building our own personal antakharana (or bridge of consciousness) to our Soul.

Some esoteric tips for effective practice

  1. Critical to the whole Work is the use of the The Great Invocation (TGI) which acts as the power source of the Triangle. It is the spiritual energies of the mantra that is circulated into the Triangle and to the other networks. As we practice it in our triangle and in our unit of service, we prefer to use the version with the "May Christ return to Earth" in the second stanza. It is our belief that sticking to the original version will not alter the quality of the energy being invoked and circulated throughout the network (yes, it is our belief that the whole global network will be affected if we screw this up). Each religion or culture has its own concept or narrative (or myth) regarding a "coming one" so we try to avoid using the generic version for the purpose of this activity. For esoteric students, using either the original or adapted/generic version won't make any difference, however, since we are mainstreaming it to a broad spectrum of people, we don't want to take the risk of the TGI being mal-interpreted to suit anyone's eschatological agenda. In our group, we have to make sure we are invoking the Avatar of Love - the Christ - the Soul of Humanity for this work, and not any other personages or symbols that may be loaded with a different meaning or context (that may add further chaos to the world). We believe "The Christ" is a spiritual office of the The World Teacher, and not necessarily limited to the personality of the Master Jesus, who occupied that office 2,000 years ago.

  2. The lead person doing the Triangle should also watch out for the other 2 members if they are, indeed, using The Great Invocation(TGI) in the Work. In our experience, sometimes the other persons who joined you, would replace the TGI with another of his/her favorite prayer/mantra/affirmation coming from his own religious tradition. They do it in good faith because they thought all prayers have the same objectives. The lead person should check and explain to the other members the esoteric principles involved. That is why we prefer that you invite your like-minded friends, instead of joining an online website, so you will not be shy to check on each other often. As you become more experienced, you can actually sense/feel if there is someting "off" or different in the quality of energy being circulated in your triangle unit.

  3. In the same light, try not to do the triangle work if you are drunk or intoxicated with liquor or drugs, if your are suffering from severe depression or mental illness, you have have an acute infectious disease, or very emotionally upset or angry at that moment. The energy will be circulated into the other 2 persons, and distributed into the entire planetary network. Instead:
    • If drunk, sober up first before doing the work.
    • If suffering from severe depression, mental illness, or acute physical infectious disease, stop the work temporarily and inform the others, and do the TGI individually (see how here). We suggest that the other 2 members also take time to agree and help the sick member recover by offering distance energy healing work or even a healing prayer to him/her. It is our spiritual duty. Ask the person first for consent before doing this.
    • If upset or stressed or angry at the moment, calm down. Then clear your emotions either by reciting the mantram "OM" 3x or pray the Channel of Peace prayer by St. Francis of Assisi before doing the work.
  4. A person knowledgeable in esoteric or magical arts may be tempted to use "psychic shielding" techniques first before doing the work to insulate his/her aura from all those possible negative influence. If you do, you will be blocking the flow of energy within your triangle unit, and towards the wider network. Your effort will just be wasted and the beneficial side-effects will not trickle down to your own aura because it is shielded. Loving is opening up and trusting others. Risks are always there. So chose your team mates carefully.

  5. If you plan to stop doing the Work due to change in personal circumstances or have not done it for a time, like a month, and have no plans to continue, let the other persons in your triangle know it so they can find someone to replace you. As you become more experienced, you can also sense/feel if a point in your triangle is no longer doing the work. There is like a "dead link" when you establish the line of energies during the visualization phase.

  6. The complete instructional links are provided in the sections below following the video. But we will add some optional steps here to enhance your triangle work IF you have time for them, otherwise, you are good with the basic steps.
    • Suggested opening affirmation:
      "In the centre of the will of God I stand.
      Naught shall deflect my will from His.
      I implement that will by love.
      I turn towards the field of service.
      I, the Triangle divine, work out that will
      Within the square and serve my fellowmen."

    • Center the consciousness in the head and visualize a sphere of bright light around 6 inches above the crown of the head; know that this represents your Soul's light. See in your mind's eye the other persons in your triangle as in not so far from you. Then project a line of white light from the Soul's light into each point of your triangles (in their Soul's light area too), forming a pure and bright stable triangle of light. Through an act of will, you are actually building the channel through which invoked Light will flow later on.

    • Then visualise and know that The Christ's consciousness is in the center of your triangle. You can visualize it as a brilliant golden star above and at the center of the three of you. Recite The Great Invocation with focus, understanding the implications of each lines. After each stanza, visualize the Principle being invoked (first stanza = Light, and so forth) flowing down to your Soul's light and to the other points of the triangle. Recite it once (or up to 3X if you can't fully focus). Then let the spiritual energies flow and intensify through the points and paths of light in your triangle.

    • Close with this affirmation while visualizing that the energies of love, light, and goodwill flowing out from your triangle to that of the world-wide network of triangles of light surrounding the planet:
      "In the centre of all Love I stand.
      From that centre I, the Soul will outward move,
      From that centre I, the one who serves, will work.
      May the love of the Divine Self be shed abroad,
      in my heart, through my group, and throughout the world."
      Remain silent for a few minutes and just let the Devas or Beings of light guide the spiritual energies to flow where they are needed most.

Intro to the Triangles video

Before going into the technical details, "hows-to", links, and other issues (provided after the video), we suggest that you watch first the linked video from YouTube below to see the bird's eye view of the Triangles work world-wide produced by Triangles, the pioneer and international coordinating group for this movement:

Complete instructional links on how to do the Triangles work

Other materials regarding the Triangles

  • The Service of Triangles (PDF file from the School for Esoteric Studies)

  • The Triangles of Fire by Torkom Saraydarian (Available from Amazon.com)

  • From the Earth Charter: A vision of hope
    But will anyone listen?
    Will this be framed again by involutionary forces as "taking away their rights and freedoms" just like the recent global health crisis?