"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

Self-study guide
on the Ageless Wisdom

For seekers who wish to study the Ageless wisdom teachings for the first time, selecting the right materials and resources can be a daunting task due to the overwhelming volume of published materials around. It is important to get the right resources the very first time. A good foundation is a must. Otherwise, to our minds, three things might happen: (1) one will be spending too much time and money buying books that are really irrelevant to begin with any serious study in the field; (2) one will feel frustrated and might even abandon the search due to a big number of mediocre or sometimes utterly ridiculous and crappy ideas/ teachings surrounding the genre of new age, occult, or so called esoteric literatures; and (3) one's high aspirations or serious motives might be sidetracked by amusing yet very dangerous or manipulative occult practices.

We have provided some reading lists below which we believe can be of help to kickoff one's spiritual or occult journey, though they are naturally biased towards the Ageless Wisdom stream of HPB and AAB. To our mind, the HPB-AAB stream provides a good foundation, in the sense that it shows the macro-perspective of reality, the relationship of the parts to the whole (preventing delusions and narcissism-nihilism), and the ability to integrate the teachings to one's life and still be an effective functioning part of human society. The lists are in no way comprehensive or strictly scholarly. The intention is to suggest materials that will enable one to save precious time because they are reliable references (or classic in the field) that will point to the seeker the right direction for further readings.

As to the question of whether there is a need for a "guru" or a group/school/occult order in one's occult or spiritual journey: We are of the opinion that esotericist or aspiring occultists are always "self-taught" (as DK put it). One can learn the basics and begin the practices without any physical guru nor becoming affiliated to any school. As the adage goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher will come". We don't get ready by doing nothing. We can be responsible for our own esoteric training. And if we advanced enough in our studies that the inner plane Adepts or Teachers think we can already be useful to their cause, they will naturally appear and guide us to higher initiations and further instructions. One Tibetan adept even acknowledged that there is a wealth of undigested inspired published esoteric materials around before the need for new and higher revelations to come. Let's take advantage of this; and we hope we listed some of them below.

As for groups, they can be helpful - especially if you plan to venture into the energetic paths and the paths of power/magick so as not to get "burned" and to "play with your own fires" safely. One needs the wise experiences and guidance of mentors and teachers. And besides, groups can be vehicles for group work and service activities. The spirit of cooperation and collective effort for human betterment are obviously part of one's esoteric training, be it a self-directed one or as a requirement of an esoteric school.

We also included a list below of some reputable modern esoteric schools that we know of that offer occult training for serious seekers. There are seekers who are not wired for self-learning and wants the structured training and rigid discipline of a school. For such students, we recommend those in the list and they are free to inquire the entrance requirements from them.

Suggested reading lists

Tips to fellow seekers as to where to purchase or source these books:

  • check your local library
  • your local bookshops or online stores such as Amazon.com, Kobobooks.com, Play.google.com, or the iBooks/iTunes store; try the ebook versions from these sellers, they are more affordable and you can make use of your smartphones for reading them anywhere!;
  • directly from the publishers;
  • used books resellers such as Abebooks.com, Alibris.com or Weiserantiquarian.com;
  • from the non-profit organizations/publishers who own them which sometimes offer them for free reading or as free ebooks on their respective websites
  • older books and classics which are out of print can sometimes be found in the Open Library Project site for online reading or borrowing
  • make sure to google or check them out first.

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Suggested reading lists

List-1: Is it really your cup of tea? (A snapshot of the Ageless Wisdom teachings)

Below are 3 small books that are easy to read and won't need considerable time investment to finish. Highly recommended for newbies to the Ageless Wisdom teachings of the HPB-AAB stream.

  • The Golden Thread by Natalie Banks   

    A small book published by Lucis Publishing outlining the origin, history and continuity of esoteric teachings and its various traditions down the ages.
  • Saving the World:   
    The Spiritualization of Matter by Henry Guy

    The summary of the wisdom teaching in plain and simple words - the constitution of man, the Plan, and the evolution of consciousness without the use of jargon and eastern terminologies.
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull: A Story   
    by Richard Bach

    A cool little inspirational book that tells about the beginning and the end-goal of esoteric studies in a short dramatic story form.

List-2: Interested, but not willing to commit to heavy reading: Ageless Wisdom in capsule form

The following materials are a bit longer than the 3 small books but they were written in capsule form or stand-alone chapters, that can be read gradually. There is no need to read the chapters successively to understand the entire book. But if the lack of time is a real problem, these materials would be sufficient for one to have an adequate comprehension and working knowldege of the entire wisdom teaching and proceed to the practice stage from here.

  • Cosmos in Man by Torkom Saraydarian   

    This book contains a little of everything. Short chapters and a relaxed writing style. All the relevant issues and key concepts of the ageless wisdom are all in this book. It also contains some meditation and techniques that one can practice on.
  • Ponder on This: A Compilation   
    by Alice A. Bailey

    This can be considered more of a concordance to the "Cosmos in Man". Being a compilation, the topics are disconnected but an excellent supplement to lookup key concepts that needs a little elaboration and explanation. The topic index are comprehensive. A bird's eye view of Alice A. Bailey's 24 books of esoteric philosophy.
  • The Nature of the Soul   
    by Lucille Cedercrans

    This material is a bit advanced for this stage but the importance of the Soul should be emphasized this early on the life of the seeker. (a free e-copy can be ordered from the above link.) The book was originally a self-study course presented in a rhythmic sequence. It is designed to facilitate step-by-step unfoldment from individuality to group awareness and conscious service to the One Life. There are also spiritual or meditation exercises to try on. If some of the terms or concepts appear to be confusing, the book, "Ponder on this" by AAB will come in handy.
  • A Planetary Awakening: Reflections   
    on the Teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey by Kathy Newburn

    Much of this book is a summary of the key points of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings contained in the 24 books of AAB with emphasis towards an understanding of the subjective factors underlying our present outer events, as well as an insight into the challenges and opportunities of our time as foretold in those writings.
  • Aquarian Invocation:    
    Bringer of the Diamond Age
    by Master Del Pe

    This can be considered as a modern rehash of the entire ageless wisdom paradigm (including cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis) written in a contemporary conversational tone (newly published in 2012). The author also included important insights that tend to update the wisdom teachings for the 21st century students/seekers. These updates include glimpses to the New Plan for humanity in the coming earth changes, which were supposedly "downloaded" from the Spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. Also intriguing is the author's new version of the TGI, called "The Aquarian Invocation" that invokes and evokes a new energetic design for humanity and the planet. Worthy of deep thought, intuitive investigation and an open mind.
  • Basic Theosophy by Geoffrey Hodson   

    This is a bit similar to the "Cosmos in Man" in presentation. It has the textbook look and feel. But the strength of this book is its organization - there is continuity from each chapters leading to the end goal of esoteric studies. Thick book but easy to read.
  • The Secret Teachings of All Ages   
    by Manly P. Hall

    This can be considered as an excellent appendix after going through the entire body of teachings from the preceding books. Though already a classic in the field, it will show the nature and origin of the other streams or traditions of esoteric teachings, and how they are all connected. Encyclopedic in breadth but chapters can be read independently.

List-3: In the mood for deep sea diving? (Important texts you shouldn't miss)

The following books are reading projects that need some self-discipline to finish. They present the macro-perspective of reality - the origins of our cosmos, nature of divinity, and the evolutions of galaxies, solar systems, and our planet. It is important too to learn that the universe operate using some esoteric laws and has some form of independent existence, which are not the mere product of one's mind. It also shows the role of humans in the grand scheme of things. While their importance cannot be overemphasized, one should not be discouraged if the contents cannot be absorbed outright. The student can proceed with the practice/meditation stage while these reading projects are ongoing (as what most of us do!).

  • The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception   
    by Max Heindel

    This is the most accessible among the older books that elucidated the esoteric concepts introduced by HPB in "The Secret Doctrine". The sections on cosmogenesis (chapters 5 to 12) are easier to read than any of the other expositions in the other books. This is written from the point of view of a Christian mystic/Rosicrucian who was able to integrate the Christian tradition into the entire body of Ageless Wisdom teachings.
  • Fountain-Source of Occultism   
    by G. de Purucker

    This is an attempt by the author to digest and re-state the materials in "The Secret Doctrine" in bite-size forms. This has a much better organization than the SD itself.
  • The Mahatma Letters to AP Sinnett   
    Compiled by A. Trevor Barker

    This is a compilation of letters coming from the inner plane adepts that helped write the SD. It discussed many issues surrounding the SD and also of other practical matters about the spiritual life.
  • Esoteric Psychology Vol.1 & 2   
    (Treatise on 7 Rays) by Alice Bailey

    Here, Alice Bailey tried to explain how all the cosmic forces are expressed and work out in the microcosm - the human psyche, which is what esoteric psychology is all about.
  • Tapestry of the Gods, Vol. 1 & 2   
    by Michael Robbins

    The 2 volumes elucidated the Science of the Seven Rays and the new and developing Science of Esoteric Psychology, founded on the original book of AAB mentioned above. It provides deep insight into the manifestation of the Rays in the human energetic system by explaining how they variously combine, fuse and blend. A comprehensive 1,200 page treatise on the Seven Rays for anyone seeking individual and group spiritual transformation.
  • The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 1 & 2   
    by Helena P. Blavatsky

    The classic work on occult cosmology where it all began. It is also quite controversial as many people who hated HPB are trying to associate this work with Hitler's belief on the Aryan race. While it is true that the Nazis may have lifted up the term, "Aryan race" from this book but they concocted their own interpretations (which differed from the original context) to suit their political agenda. Nowhere can you find in the Secret Doctrine (SD) any reference to justify or tolerate genocide or mass murder of certain sub-races or root races. The disappearances of the root races were caused by natural upheavals as a by-product of the evolutionary process of the planet. There is also a need to understand the context on how the SD and our society define a "race". The SD or the ageless wisdom views man as a spiritual being, a Soul or a Divine Spirit, and not the physical body belonging to any race. Therefore, the bodies or the groups of people we call races or cultures are nothing but vehicles of manifestation for the reincarnating Soul. These races being described in the SD are the groups of people belonging to different epochs and are settled in different continents under differing earthly conditions that existed even BEFORE our present "root-race" or civilization as we know it.

    The whole book is published in two volumes: Vol.1 - Cosmogenesis and Vol.2 - Anthropogenesis. If you want a shorter version, better grab Purucker's or Heindel's book, than getting the abridged and edited versions of the SD!
  • A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice A Bailey   

    This treatise is considered by many as the continuing exposition about the cosmos that started with the SD. Both were written in collaboration with the same inner plane adepts. "The One Life manifests through all form within the universe as fiery energy; and the three main streams of cosmic energy, differentiated into seven systemic rays, are shown in relation to the three aspects of fire controlling all manifested life: Electric Fire, the Fire of Spirit; Solar Fire, the Fire of Mind; Fire by Friction, the Internal Fires. A large section of the book is directed to a detailed exposition of Solar Fire, the Fire of Mind, since this is the dominant energy to be understood and controlled during this second solar system. The cosmic Laws operating through the system are shown in relation to the lesser laws of planetary origin and the laws of nature, operating through substance, as distinct from the life and the consciousness of the planet."

List-4: Begin your serious study with the end in mind: Putting the "M" word ("Master") in the right perspective

There are a lot of confusion going around concerning the nature of adeptship, mastership, the so called "ascended masters", the hierarchy, and the great initiations. The misundertanding lead to various problematic assumptions, such as (a) the masters are capricious god-men demanding adoration and service from their disciples giving rise to "guru-worship" and blind obedience; (b) they are all knowing and all powerful much like the comic "super friends" that humanity need not be concerned about world problems for they will natually solve them and take care of them; (c) they are like counselors that humans can count on for their personal problems, much like the patron-saints or patron gods/goddesses; (d) they are part of the powerful cabal of conspirators that control the world and wishing to enslave humanity, often attributed to or lumped together (which are in fact estranged or opposing bedfellows) as belonging to the so called illuminati, freemasonry, occult societies, bankers, industrialists, militarists, men in black, new world order, reptiles, etc., etc...

But in simple words, an adept or a master of wisdom is a human who has graduated from the human kingdom ("perfected humanity", which is said to be the peak of human consciousness evolution) and has already entered the 5th kingdom (that of the Soul). The series of tests and shifts in consciousness towards that goal are called the great initiations. As a Soul, he has taken greater responsility to serve and guide humanity in its struggle for evolution (collectively, including the division of labor among them, they are known as the Spiritual Hierarchy). But evolution never stops, as the adept will be facing again a much higher line of evolutionary ladder to jump off to the next kingdom. The following suggested materials will give light and clarify the misunderstandings to this all important subject matter:

  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy DVD   
    by JR Tolkien, Film version by Peter Jackson

    Gandalf, just like Merlin, clearly personified the archetype of an adept of the aquarian age or the new aeon. He is not a hermit in seclusion - meditating in samadhi while sipping pinacolada in some exotic desert in some Shangri-la like resort, be it in the Himalayas or some golden temple in whatever planes up there- but a practical person that is highly engaged in world-affairs, especially in helping out humanity solve the various pressing problems he is entagled with. He is not an autocratic master demanding worship nor a fluffy bunny promising shaktipats or white lights as a reward for good deeds. From the beginning to the end of the trilogy, Gandalf- tough, focused and decisive- tirelessly worked behind the scenes (and sometimes even on the front lines, esp. on the battle for Gondor) and in cooperation with disciples, friends, and world leaders, to lead middle-earth in its fight against tyranny and darkness and towards its safe passage to coming of the the new age. He did not aspire to be a king himself, but left the leadership to humans, represented by King Elessar or Aragorn.
  • Initiation: Human & Solar by Alice A Bailey 

    An important work detailing the stages in the Spiritual Path (or the Path of hastened attainment) leading to the great initiations. The 5 initiations leading to adeptship were also discussed. The nature, origin, and working departments of the spiritual hierarchy (also known as the "great white brotherhood") were also covered.
  • Hierarchy and The Plan   
    by Torkom Saraydarian

    This booklet is a more accessible version of the preceding book. More than this, it shows concrete aspects of the Plan which the author gathered from the AAB books combined by his own personal revelations.
  • Serving Humanity: A Compilation   
    by Alice A. Bailey

    A compilation, based on the 24 books of esoteric philosophy, on the nature, rationale, and methods of serving humanity. Service is not only an altruistic activity for others to materialize the Plan but also benefits the esotericist-in-training to prevent overstimulation and congestion due to the powerful forces generated by occult practices such as meditation.
  • Problems of Humanity by Alice A Bailey   

    A perspective on six basic world problems is shown in this book, in which the esotericists (as a useful partner of the hierarchy) will eventually be involved in the search for possible and workable solutions.

List-5: Do-it-yourself advanced meditation techniques

Sad to say, not all meditation methods are the same. This does not imply that one meditation method can be superior to the other but the fact that there are techniques not suited to certain types of person's lifestyle, eating habits, culture, surroundings, health or even religious affiliations. Each meditation has its own purpose too. And just like any other techniques, there is such thing as incorrect practice that gives rise to a lot of problems in the long term.

The meditation technique suggested here through the book list is based on the Raja Yoga system of meditation that uses the mind actively to achieve Soul alignment or union. It is highly recommended that they be studied sequentially so that skills are learned gradually and progressively. These can be practiced safely and sanely even without the guidance of (or worse, dependence on) guru personalities, or religious cults. They will not expose one to spirit possessions due to the loosening of the etheric auric web brought about by channelling techniques (to contact so called "spirit guides") posing as meditation. They also don't use self-hypnotic methods or repetitive words to make one's mind blank or passive. And most of all, they are not meant to prematurely stimulate the kundalini nor activate the chakras that may endanger one's physical or psychological health.

  • From Intellect to Intuition by Alice A Bailey   

    The book outlines the theoretical aspects, as well as the stages of meditation, based on the Raja Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (an Indian adept who wrote the rules for yoga about 2000 years ago). In contrast to the other types of yoga, raja yoga uses the mind in an active way to achieve Soul alignment.
  • Concentration: An Approach   
    to Meditation by Ernest Wood

    An excellent book to flex the mind for meditation. It contains concentration exercises and a mental training on how to hold, expand, and develop a seed thought for meditation.
  • Concentration: A Guide to Mental   
    Mastery by Mouni Sadhu

    An advanced manual for developing one pointed concentration skills. Contains a rigorous training regimen for utilizing the mind and will power to the fullest.
  • Meditation: An Outline   
    for Personal Study by Mouni Sadhu

    From the concentration regimen, the author guides the reader to numerous meditation practices using different thoughts or ideas from diverse traditions. Meditation exercises are progressive from the introductory to advance stages.
  • The Science of Meditation   
    by Torkom Saraydarian

    This book contains a usable format or structure for a successful esoteric/occult meditation practice. The author explains the rationale and procedures in each stage or part or interlude in a meditation session. One will fully benefit from it if there is prior preparation in concentration and meditation via the preceding 4 books suggested.
  • Meditation Mount Free Study Course   

    Meditation Mount offers a 3-year meditation course that can all be downloaded by the student from their website. There is no need to join the group and one can study the meditation lessons at his/her own pace. But donating even a small amount can help them continue with their work and in maintaining their site. The quality of the materials are excellent and they can benefit both beginners and advanced students. It is best to experiment with these techniques after developing some minimum skills in concentration and meditation suggested in the preceding books. The mission of Meditation Mount is to promote the building of an enlightened and compassionate world through the power of creative meditation, inspirational educational programs, and community-based events focused on the practical application of the following universal spiritual principles: right human relations, goodwill, group endeavor, unanimity, spiritual approach, and essential divinity.
  • Letters on Occult Meditation   
    by Alice A. Bailey

    This is like a user's manual and a trouble shooting guide for those who are already doing meditation. It shows guideposts, the dangers, positive and negative side effects, what to avoid and how meditation will lead to the development of the antakharana or the rainbow bridge connecting the mind to the Soul.

  • A short video presentation on the basic concepts of esoteric meditation or if you wish to watch the entire short playlist of meditation videos

Read also, Introductory Guide to the Science of Meditation, and for seekers wishing to meditate in a Christian context, see Reading list: Introductory meditation practices for Christians

List-9: Putting it all together: Treading the Spiritual Path DIY (minus the gurus, bearded characters, and power structures)

The reading list or materials suggested below are arranged in a logical sequence mostly coming from the previous reading lists. It is a redaction of the esoteric training based on HPB-AAB stream of teachings on the Path. It is our belief that these publicly available materials can be sufficient and be truly helpful for fellow seekers wanting to tread the spiritual or discipleship Path without the benefit of an intermediate esoteric school.

Accordingly, a person's spiritual search or seeking begins with what is called as the "divine discontent". This is a feeling of detachment from the world or material possessions; and there comes an inner knowing that there is more to life than what we were conditioned to live for. There is also an inner call to live a higher life to fill the emptiness and a longing to discover, to search, to know and experience where the call is coming from.

The first contact with the Ageless Wisdom teachings is often characterized by tremendous joy and a feeling of homecoming. But the real journey to the Path begins when one dares to commit into putting one's evolution (of consciousness) into one's hands, instead of relying on its natural course (which may take hundred or thousand of lifetimes more).

Probationary Path training

In the Path of probation, the first task is to put one's life in order through self-discipline, and place both the physical and emotional nature under the control of the mind. The highest achievement of this stage is the development of an integrated personality. Some materials were provided here which may be helpful. The need to see the entire paradigm or the road map of the Path (see 1. Foundational Knowledge) is a must. And if one is convinced of the importance of this great Work, one has to re-examine one's priorities. Disciplining oneself involves a lot of hard work and there is a need to adjust one's habits and routines. Most of Stephen Covey's book will be handy in this aspect (see 2. Setting up priorities, life goals, time-management). The need for an ethical source of livelihood and economic independence cannot also be overemphasized (some may want to see Sustainability, visualization and law of attraction, if one needs a little luck on this area).

Next is the need for proper care and toning of the physical-etheric body, and some tips can be derived from the section on Yoga and healing. It was not made a major segment in the list below so as not to be misinterpreted that Yoga is the only way to go; in fact, there are many physical regimens now available for maintaining one's health which are proven to be more effective and less dangerous than yoga.

Within the yoga page, there is also a sub-section on Energetic practices which were not made into a major segment in the Self-directed training program suggested below. Energetic development on the chakras or kundalini cultivation practices are essential to the over-all spiritual development of a disciple-in-the-making, however, we believe these are very advanced techniques that do not fit into the coverage of this self-study guide. One cannot "do-it-yourself" the energy cultivation practices. If a student/seeker would want to venture into these paths, we suggest that he/she seeks the help, mentorship, or training from a teacher who's an expert in this field. We provided book reading list/references only for the purpose of getting an overview and a balanced perspective on how all these systems work together.

Destructive emotional habits and conditionings need to be processed and replaced by more positive values (the books on the section of 3. Processing our emotions and conditionings offer effective advices). And finally comes the development of the mind. There is nothing mystical or occult about it. The introduction of the free public school system up to the secondary level were given universally to humanity to achieve this kind of mental stimulation and training - to make man a thinking person. If the system is failing due to the overemphasis on developing skills for the job market, then one has to strive and develop it by himself. There are many institutions now offering free adult programs to develop one's critical thinking skills or life skills on areas such as language, communication, history, arts, music, mathematics, science, among others (if post-secondary education is not a viable option). The section, 4. Steps to mental polarization suggested some links and learning resources, with empasis on Logic and Math (which develops both concrete and abstract thinking skiils).

Discipleship Path training

One graduates from the probationary path once the mind has somewhat reached greater control of the personality - this means that rational thinking precedes one's actions and decisions in life (and no longer emotional impulses, appetites, and conditionings). Without this degree of mental polarization, the Soul won't be able to work with the mind or the personality, in general. And the bridge between the two cannot be constructed, which is the task of the discipleship path. In fact, most of the intermediate esoteric school mentioned here only accept "mature seekers or students". This signifies a person who has already passed or have gone through the trainings of the probationary path - whether in this lifetime or in one's past lives (whether conscious of it or not). For some people and seekers, maturity in character and an integrated personality comes naturally, even without probationary path training (or even knowledge of esotericism, in general) in this present life; they are here to continue discipleship path training where they left off from a prior life.

The method of discipleship path training usually revolves around 3 areas: study, meditation, and service. Esoterically, this is the development (not stimulation or activation!) of the 3 higher centers of consciousness - throat, head, and heart. Study involves the development of mind as an instrument of the Soul. In the path of probation, the concrete or rational mind is developed using our standard educational system and various readings. The abstract or the higher mind is the target at this stage. In the academe, this is also called "higher-order thinking" or the capacity for creative thinking, problem-solving, and generating new ideas or original thought streams. The reading lists suggested on occult cosmology can be a good mental exercise to achieve this goal (see List 3-In the mood for deep-sea diving). In trying to understand complex concepts, the mind is pushed to expand its limits and thereby slowly develops the skill to think in abstract terms, and later on intuitively. This can also be achieved using mainstream methods such as taking on graduate and post-graduate educational programs that involve doing formal research on one's field of expertise.

Meditation is advanced work on the mental body that involves the creation of the rainbow bridge (or antakharana) to align the mind with that of the soul, and in more advanced stages with the Spiritual Triad (see below, section 5. Esoteric and creative meditations). Service is horizontal work to decentralize oneself and avoid ego-centrism. Contrary to the notion of many mystical or new age writings, treading the Path is not retreating from the world but becoming more involved in it. The disciple-in-training should be actively involved in anchoring spiritual energies into the world affairs. Politics, public governance, education, psychology, philosophy, culture, arts, science and technology, religion and faiths, and economics and finance are some fields in which every esotericists or disciples are busily engaged in. Therefore, it is important to widen one's horizon to know and understand the problems along these areas and to see opportunities where one can contribute towards human betterment (see the sections on 6. Life of Service and 7. Leadership. Equally important is a section on Widening the horizon).

A Do-It-Yourself (DIY) self-directed training plan:

("...for the student is always esoterically self-taught" - The Tibetan, LOM;
"The real Master, claiming our attention and subsequent obedience, is the Master in the Heart, the Soul, the indwelling Christ" - AAB, FITI)

Phase I. Development of an integrated personality:

(*integrated personality = the body & emotions are under the direction of the mind/reason; consistency of beliefs/world-view and motivations/actions. In other literatures, this means being a "conscious person". There is usually a mix-up of concepts in many new age teachings that hate the mind as the "slayer of the real". This is an over-simplification of the Eastern concept of the "kāma-manas", which doesn't have a Western counterpart. "Kāma-manas", in Eastern philosophy, is the emotional/instinctual/desire/monkey mind that needs to be sublimated, in contrast to manas, which is the rational mind that needs to be developed. However, this is not the end-goal yet but is only the beginning of the Path. There is also a higher mind which needs to be utilized as an instrument for reflecting the Soul's purpose and is the concern of the Phase II training.)

  1. Foundational knowledge:
  2. Setting up priorities, life goals, and time-management:

    • 7 Habits of Highly Effective   
      People by Stephen Covey
    • To have or To be? by Erich Fromm   
    • First Things First by Stephen Covey   

  3. Processing our emotional issues and conditionings:
    • The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm   
    • Positive Harmlessness in Practice   
      by Dorothy I. Riddle
    • Self-Culture: In the Light of the   
      Ancient Wisdom (The Way of Self Discovery) by I.K. Taimni
    • The Process of Self-Transformation   
      by Vicente Hao Chin Jr.
    • Sex and the Spiritual Path   
      by Herbert Puryear

  4. Steps to mental polarization:
  5. This stage is optional. Some people are naturally polarized towards the mind, either because they are born that way or due to their education, experiences, or nature of their job. Critique yourself and be honest. Mental polarization simply means that mind and reason rule your personality; you use it to react, plan, and make decisions in life. You will need to go through the training of this stage if:
    • if your emotional nature is still strong, and you react to situations, people, problems, your environment, emotionally or instinctually; or you view the world from your personal likes or dislikes and worn-out clichés, and not through reason and facts
    • if you think there are gaps in your world-view and knowledge-base. This stage will help you widen your horizon and perspective in life and re-create your "life map";
    • if you feel your mind or intellect is getting old or "rusty" and you need to sharpen and freshen it up a bit again.
    Suggested self-training plan:
    1. Revisiting the rules: Logic and critical thinking skills.

    2. Widening one's horizon and perspective:
    3. Developing one's will-power: starting and completing a project on time

      Not only will one develop will-power, but these projects can balance both the left and right sides of the brain. The mental body or mind will be pushed or stretched to new boundaries and one can feel that one's neurons are like firing up again or getting younger just like it used to be. Choose any one of the 3 below. If one already have musical talents, then go study math or languages. If one is already a polyglot, study music or math. What is important is to set up a target date to complete and stick to that goal. It will also help if one can set aside the same hour each day to do the work.
      • Re-learn mathematics from the elementary stage to college level math through an online course. Register and learn for free @ the Khan Academy, Math Dept.

      • Learn one to two new languages. It can be French, Spanish, German, or Italian, etc.. The other, preferrably one that doesn't use the latin alphabet, like Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Hindi, etc..

      • Learn a musical instrument that is inexpensive to acquire, like a portable keyboard, ukulele, harmonica, bamboo flute, etc..

    Phase II. Development of a Soul-aligned personality:

    (*Soul-aligned personality = the mind, being the ruler of the personality, is reflecting the Soul/ "Christ-within" /Soul-purpose / aspects of The Divine Plan; the Soul purpose is calling the shots behind one's actions, not the personality's perceived needs or wants. If the personality motive is behind one's service or "good works", it may result in spiritual pride.)

  6. Esoteric & Creative Meditations - Tools for aligning with the Soul:
    1. Reading list 5- Do-It-Yourself Advanced Esoteric Meditation Techniques

      If you are a complete beginner to meditation and have not reached mental polarization yet, PLEASE master the skills from the materials in list-5 (or prior lists) for a few years before proceeding to building your rainbow bridge contained in the next 2 materials.

    2. Creative meditation and non-energetic methods for building the Rainbow bridge to the Soul or the "Antakharana":

      The non-energetic methods in the two suggested materials below use creative meditation techniques instead of direct stimulation of the chakra system or raising alchemized energies within the body to activate the kundalini. These are slower because they hinge on building the bridge to the Soul first, and letting the Soul, on his own volition, to develop and balance our chakras to whatever configuration is best for us, when alignment is reached.

      This is not to say that energetic practices are of no value. In fact, they are more direct, powerful, and yield faster results. However, they are not covered or integrated in this Self-study guide/Self-directed training program because we believe that they can never be done safely via a DIY (do-it-yourself) model. If a student/seeker wishes to pursue the energetic development path, we suggest that he/she finds an esoteric school or seek the help, mentorship, or training from a teacher who's an expert in this field. We provided a reading list, Energetic practices, that presented informational references only for the purpose of having an understanding of the theoretical framework involved, and getting an overview and a balanced perspective on how all these systems work together. Links were also provided for those wishing to contact the best schools along those lines. Check the risks first and be responsible for your decisions.
      • The Rainbow Bridge Meditation   
        /Soul-Star Technique for building the antakharana

        An important reminder: Don't start the practice unless one is definitely certain that the program can be finished to the end. It has 3 stages that can be completed in a few months. Stopping or putting off the practice midstream when the central channel is not yet fully cleared, cleansed, or built might lead to physical or psychological health issues. A commitment to daily practice is a must. Even if the mental meditative methods (esoteric and creative) presented in this Stage-5 are widely regarded as safe, there are still risks of overstimulation because each person's psyche is different. So practice with utmost care and at your own calculated risk. Read the safety advices from the website's author above and/or AAB's "Letters on Occult Meditation".
      • The Science of Becoming Oneself   
        by Torkom Saraydarian

        Chapter XVIII (The Rainbow) of the book contains an advanced meditation that is most useful for the purpose of building the bridge. The steps are consistent with the suggestions made by The Tibetan (DK) in "The Rays and the Initiations" by Alice A. Bailey. Prior chapters of the book contain rich materials that will be helpful for transmuting one's emotional nature for Stage-3 training.
      • Advanced Coursework on the Antahkarana   
        Provided by the School for Esoteric Studies

        Alternatively, one can study through formal channels, like from the list of esoteric groups provided in another page. Details of one such program is linked above from the SES's Antahkarana Course. Usually, one has to study preparatory courses and undergo esoteric training before going through this advanced supervised course from them.

  7. Deepening & the Resultant Life of Service:
  8. Leadership & sustainability:

  • From the Earth Charter: A vision of hope
    But will anyone listen?
    Will this be framed again by involutionary forces as "taking away their rights and freedoms" just like the recent global health crisis?