"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

About us

Light Net, the short name for Light Network for Planetary Spiritual Regeneration and Human Development, is a non-profit, non-religious, and non-political private initiative that formally started as a group in the late 1990s, composed primarily of spiritually minded people, students of the Ageless Wisdom and men and women of goodwill who responded to the 'spiritual call' of the time and is working in unison to help humanity according to its present needs. It is bonded by a common vision and aspiration to serve humanity in the best possible ways within its capability.

The idea incarnated first as a monthly newsletter/zine distributed during the full moon group meditation gatherings at the Ageless Wisdom Library in year 1996. Volunteers pooled resources, time, and skills to produce the issues using risograph printing. Each issue tried to present an understanding of global issues and made practical suggestions on how to act locally to contribute to the solutions of the diverse problems confronting humanity. With the formation of the group, many other forms of service activities were subsequently added.

Statement of mission

As stated in its charter, the main purpose for the group’s existence is:

“To help bring about the spiritual regeneration of the planet by raising the level of human consciousness and transforming the mental and spiritual climate of the planet to that of truth, justice, sharing, cooperation and selflessness through the use of the power of thought and divine invocation, the mobilization of the energy of goodwill and the undertaking of projects that will improve the quality of human life and of the physical environment.”


The formation of Light Net is borne out of the response by its founding group to the inner conviction and inspiration evoked by the challenge and call made by a Tibetan Spiritual Teacher to his group of students:

“Now is the need and the demand… to sacrifice all (we) have to the helping of humanity. I offer you opportunity and I tell you that groups of students working in unison and with deep and unfaltering love for each other can achieve significant results.” (DK)

Present service activities

  1. To actively encourage the collective and scientific use of thought to clear the “mental climate” and positively affect world events:
    • Through the formation of light networks locally. Join the Triangles work.
    • Mobilization of active goodwill by building powerful thoughtforms for solutions to humanity's various problems. Participate in the monthly Full moon group meditation.
    • Organizing educational and formation programs to encourage participation in this service activity. Sign up for the Weaving the network workshops.
  2. To support, promote, participate, and cooperate with other like-minded groups of men and women of goowill for the dissemination of empowering paradigms, doing goodwill and human betterment work, and the establishment of light networks and units of service.

  3. [Temporarily shelved pending the availability of volunteers] Educational outreach programme. These are projects to promote the science of right human relations by initiating and participating in proactive and holistic earthcare in the local community, that takes into account not only the physical environment and wildlife, but more important is the quality of human life; thus, anchoring spiritual energies to practical use.

Heritage: what we used to do

Aligned to modern esoteric Christian traditions

We are not a religious group and are not affiliated to any organized religions. However, our metaphysical-philosophical framework aligns to that of the modern Esoteric Christian traditions. But this open affinity to Christian traditions does not signify to holding on to mainline/fundamentalist doctrines or to so called "outdated" modes of worship or to older expressions of the Wisdom Teachings. It is just recognizing the fact that the modern presentation of the Ageless Wisdom teachings resonates more with the core concepts of Christianity than those of other Eastern mystical frameworks (which is typical of many other alternative spiritual and new age traditions). We're referring to the concepts of immanence and redemption, in contrast to the pervasive Eastern spiritual themes of transcendence and liberation from the "world of men" as the final goal. We do not argue with the fact that the ultimate end of the ladder of evolution is liberation (or the "return of the repentant prodigal son to the Father"), BUT the immediate evolutionary need of humanity for the coming era is not escape but the manifestation of the divine qualities on Earth - the spiritualization of matter - redemption. Beautifully expressed in the Lord's prayer: "May Thy Kingdom Come, May Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven...". It is our belief that the Three Greatest Christian prayers expressed the 3 redemptive stages for humanity, given at different time periods progressively: "The Lord's Prayer" (physical/daily bread), "St. Francis' Prayer for Peace" (emotional plane), and "The Great Invocation" (mental plane).

Associating with anything Christian-related is no longer fashionable these days. It is perceived negatively as a medieval religion that is fear-based because the mere mention of Christianity wrongly evokes the picture of preachers threatening everyone with hell-fire and damnation, and labelling people with divergent viewpoints, such as LGBTs as outright sinners or as an "abomination before the eyes of God"; or environmentalists and people who cares about the poor as "communists" and "NWO" conspirators. Forgotten were the images of the parable of the good Samaritan or that of being our brothers' keeper that reflect love and tolerance. The thought of big liturgical churches, on the other hand, evokes memories of its dark terrifying past - the blood on the hands of religious orders and their clergies for centuries due to the violence against pagan women, heretics, martyrs of science, and the natives of North America, Asia, and Africa, instead of the memories of a meek Jesus "turning the other cheek" in face of adversity. But to our mind, those were the sins of "churchianity" done erroneously under the name of God. Christianity cannot be faulted for this. None of them reflected the true teachings of The Christ as written (in fragments) in the Four Gospels (being the only accounts of the life of The Christ in the Bible), or any other extra-biblical sources, such as the esoteric Christian traditions. It is wrong to trash something as a total failure if its principles have never been applied in the first place. In fact, it was claimed in gnosticism and the esoteric Christine traditions that it is possible to be in alignment with the Divine without even using the "middle-men" or the politically corruptible churches and its clergies, as intermediaries. But this teaching was crushed and declared heretical even before it became mainstream in the early Christian churches.

Nevertheless, we remain hopeful and optimistic that Christianity can still be made workable because we believe that without having applied and mastered its teachings (the preparatory stage), humanity cannot move forward into the new era of synthesis completely. If one will only have an unprejudiced look at history, the legacy of Christianity had not been always dark. We believe many of the greatest works and advances in the arts, literature, philosopy, music, medicine, and the sciences made by Western civlization were all made possible by men and women who were inspired by the noble teachings of The Christ, minus the superstition and theocracy that characterized the dark ages. Even the freedoms, civil liberties, labor rights, war conventions, correction and humanitarian judicial systems, social safey nets, among many others, that are being experienced today can all be traced to Christian ideals. We believe these were all attempts to perfect matter and make it into an image of the Divine (much like the alchemist goal of changing iron into gold) - to replicate what is above to what is below - that is to bring heaven on earth. Indeed the very essence of Christ's teaching on redemption. Imagine what humanity can still achieve once we have outgrown materialism and "me-centeredness", in place of group consciousness or "we-centeredness"?

This time of transition to the new era will be very challenging to the Christian spiritual tradition as a whole since it will face and come to terms with its past ("churchianity") before moving on. We are committed to help out, even in small ways, to bridge it into newer forms of energy patterns fitted for the coming era of synthesis.

(Image Credit: Thanks to Yuuji Kitahara for the non-profit educational use of the Sirius star image.)