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Visualization, law of attraction, and magic
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List-8: Sustainability, law of attraction, and magic

These books are the better no-nonsense alternatives to the new religion of materialism and consumerism sweeping the planet that promotes wealth accumulation without any regard for human ethics and cloaks itself under the new age jargons of mental dynamics, law of attraction, or even quantum physics! Even its marketing is flawed and exagerrated as it promotes a law of attraction that is blown out of proportion: Imagine the great minds of science, religion or philosophy being depicted as having lived and died solely to protect these secret techniques of "getting rich" and "attracting" all of man's wishes or desires! This ego-centric world-view even advances the absurd notion that the earth's resources are unlimited and can be provided anytime by the universe; where in fact, for instance, the world's drinking water supply is seen to be get scarcer in the coming years.

In the realistic world-view of the Ageless Wisdom, the beauty of labor, work, and right livelihood should not be neglected in pursuit of spiritual goals. Money that is rightly used and directed is a great factor in making spiritual work (which is not to be confused with charity work) effective. However, it should be realized that it is never the life goal; but only a tool in pursuit of one's goal.

Truly, the mind can be used to help in opening up opportunities for prosperity using techniques such as creative visualization. But, in fact, the often neglected basics- the quality of thoughts and the thinkig process itself- takes precedence over visualization techniques. Chaotic thinking attracts all sorts of "bad luck" and prevents us from having foresight and planning for the future. Esoterically, the mind trained in logical and orderly thinking, concentration, and meditation are usually the ones prepared to use the techniques of creative visualization (or any forms of magic) to manifest or materialize one's wishes. And of course, it takes labor and hard work to anchor the spiritual energies formed into the physical world.

  • Practical Guide to Creative   
    Visualization by Denning and Phillips
    This is the better book on creative visualization than the previous ones written by more popular authors on the subject. It doesn't make unreasonable or delusional claims about the technique or the process used. It considers the method given in the book as only one of the many to achieve the same goal. And it is one of the few published techniques where there is an attempt to infuse the visualized goal with the light of the Soul. Though the procedure is quite mechanical (and etheric) in its approach, it somehow captures the spirit of White Magic written in AAB's book. Written by practising ritual magicians.
  • The Art of True Healing   
    by Israel Regardie
    In this book, aside from maintainng health, Dr. Regardie also suggested methods for attracting desired outcomes by manipulating the quality of one's auric energy field. It incorporated the use of planetary hours and days for harmonizing with the energies of the planets.
  • Wisdom of the Mystic Masters   
    by Joseph J Weed
    The author gave a training method for taking hold of one's thought and improving the power to visualize, which is a good prelude prior to creating thought-forms. Then he suggested several prayer techniques that included creative visualization, that is empowered through the generation of 'psychic energy' as he called it, instead of using self-hypnosis, NLP, or any subconscious mind manipulation techniques. The Law of 7 cycles was also included to chart one's yearly life, health and business cycles starting from one's birth day, among many other interesting advanced techniques such as telepathy and healing.
  • Magical Use of Thought Forms   
    by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki
    This book goes a little deeper into the hermetic technicalities of thought-form creation for different purposes apart from goals/outcome materialization. This can be useful for those following the serious study of the western mystery tradition but can be helpful too for the student of the ageless wisdom to get an insight on how magicians create articificial life, the principles surrounding it, and the dangers of abuse that go with it.
  • Springs of Prosperity   
    by Torkom Saraydarian
    So much materials have been published about the techniques of creative visualization and how to manifest one's desires but very few have been brave and honest enough to write about the conditions or entitlements on how and when can we attract the things or outcomes we wish for. There is no free lunch in what they call the "universe". Just like in the material plane, we can't just grab anything from a store without paying for it. Same laws apply to the realm of the mind and occult planes of existence. "You don't get something for nothing"! In this small book, Torkom Saraydarian outlines some of the conditions that are needed to make magic or the law of attraction work. One has to earn it or be entitled to it using the law of consequence (a law which are often or intentionally omitted by many new age preachers), among many other things. He also discussed how to integrate spiritual and material prosperity.
  • Principles of Abundance for the    
    Cosmic Citizen
    by Dorothy I. Riddle
    This book focuses on applying the laws of abundance for the entire community, having in mind the interdependence of all life. Principles of Abundance for the Cosmic Citizen also translates the principles of quantum physics into practical tools that we can use to transform ourselves and our communities. Dr. Riddle brings together insights from physics, cosmology, biology, economics, psychology, and metaphysics to confirm our cosmic interconnectedness and our basic motivation to cooperate rather than to compete. She weaves a compelling portrayal of ourselves as part of an ever-evolving and abundant (though not unlimited) universe. Principles of Abundance invites us to experience this profound paradigm shift through questions, exercises, worksheets, and practical examples.
  • A Treatise on White Magic by Alice Bailey   
    This books asserts that the true white magician is the Soul; and a person will be practising true magic once his personality comes under the control of his Soul. AAB outlined the Fifteen Rules for Magic - that is, on how the Soul redeems gross matter and liberates the pure flame of spirit from the limitation of form. It another word, this is similar to the Hermetic goal of turning raw metal into gold (turning our gross nature into divine). In the process one can also get hints or insights on the creative process used by the Soul in manifesting thoughts into the 3-fold world of matter (which is an essential formula for doing true magic).

  • From the Earth Charter: A vision of hope
    But will anyone listen?
    Will this be framed again by involutionary forces as "taking away their rights and freedoms" just like the recent global health crisis?