"Now is the need and the demand...

to sacrifice all we have to the helping of humanity" -- DK

Remembering Mang Mike Nator,
A world server

by a student, frater W

Last February 2003, the Philippines lost another world server and spiritual teacher which had contributed much, though silently, to the cause of the Ageless Wisdom worldwide. Light Networkers who have met or associated with Mang Mike cannot help but have a heavy heart with his passing.

Mang Mike was a Spiritual teacher, a visionary, a healer, an activist, a clairvoyant researcher, an inspirer of the youth.  As far as we know, he was also involved in the development of the pranic healing technology that is now being disseminated worldwide. He made known to the Philippines the existence and use of the Great Invocation through the distribution of posters and popularization of the Triangles work.  He also contributed much to esoteric research and the resulting teachings are spreading worldwide through his organization, SUFI-ISIS.

I had the opportunity to know and personally meet Mang Mike in the early 1990s.  He organized a class, in his Maria Clara residence in Banawe  Quezon City,  to teach various esoteric arts and expounded on his concept of the Servers of the UNICORN as a channel for nation building. The class met every Saturday afternoon and it lasted for about 3 to 4 months.  It was composed of around 10 young people (including me!),  predominantly members of the Theosophical Youth Movement who were very active at that time.  It was really fun as Mang Mike revealed that all of the participants in the class belonged to the same soul ray (ashramic ray), personality and mind rays, and only the astral body rays of each, differed.  Gerard Victoria and Cynthia would occasionally drop by to give some inputs.  The depth of esoteric knowledge taught was impressive.  I immediately became aware of the stature of this man from the evolutionary standpoint.Mang mike

But for me, more important than esoteric knowledge is the character.  It is the ultimate gauge-  the alpha and omega of a teacher and a server.  For several weeks, I was observing the way he handled the class, his reactions to us and visitors, and how he related to people.   I was expecting to see signs of a bloated ego or perhaps the usual superiority complex of a "master" demanding obedience from "disciples", or perhaps signs of commercialism; but there was NONE!  What I saw was a man of great compassion, humility and a genuine dedication to serve and not to be served.

It makes me blush to think now that during the classes, which were offered to us without any fees, it was Mang Mike who would shoulder the free merienda every meeting, instead of us buying our teacher some food as a sign of gratitude. 

I also observed how some inconsiderate people would sometimes visit him very early in the morning requesting for a healing session.  Though he was not feeling well, he would take time to go out of his room and talk to them.  But walking out of his room  to the reception area is not an easy task for him.

Another memory I had, showing his compassionate nature was when I attended a Wesak full moon meditation meeting at Samat St.,  sometime in 1997.  A showbiz actor-comedian emceed the event and after the deep group meditation, the actor cracked some very naughty jokes, perhaps to \93break the ice\94 and ground the people.  But it was really untimely and reckless that many felt offended and walked out of the meeting (a few even protested loudly because accordingly it caused them a "consciousness crash-landing" just after a blissful state).  But I was observing Mang Mike\92s reaction and he did not even make a fuss out of it instead, he even laughed with the actor\92s joke. 

I saw him emotionally upset only twice.  One was when his persian cat poohed on his beige living room couch :) and second, the last few meetings of the class when only two of us (the other one is a lady who would be entering the convent) were left attending regularly.  I saw disappointment on his face.  I thought maybe the others became too busy in their schooling or perhaps it's the drawback of a course of instruction without a fee- some people just don't put much value to it simply because they did not invest a single penny to it.

Lastly, I cant forget the encouragement and advices he had given me during a counseling session a few years ago.  My mother had a serious sickness and my spirit was really down.  He encouraged me and promised to do distant healing on her.  I felt it worked.  My mom has recovered.

Yeah...maybe you're right!  A 300-word memoir on a few incidents is already a brag- but I believe It feels good to brag about a kind of person you only meet once in many lifetimes!  But I guess it's more of the guilt- I wish I could have visited and brought him a  glass of coke and ensaymada for merienda for the last time before he finally left earth.

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